Our story

Maintaining balance is f*cking hard, even when we have all the tools

I grew up learning that taking care of my health is important. My mom is a medical doctor who beyond her clinical work also had an alternative and holistic perspective on health, which made everything from movement to greens and meditation part of my teenage years early. When I then started my first business at the age of 20, I was determined to do it the healthy way. Working hard without proper sleep was definitely the old way, but growing up with non-Swedish parents who worked their asses of to make it in Sweden during my entire childhood, I was also taught to aim high and work hard. So I did. And made it my habit to always overdo things (because getting all that recognition was awesome) until the chronic stress forced me to stop.

I thought I was healthy and balanced. Until I mentally burned.

In 2018, after a hectic time of studying and working full time, I started to experience stomach problems, sleep deprivation and a difficult hormonal acne. A few years later I burned out completely. It wasn't just heavy workload, it was living this nonstop busy life with constant impressions, no rest and attending every social thing there was. Until this point I thought I was healthy and balanced. I didn't realize I lived with a false illusion of what was no longer true.

During all this time yoga was my go-to, thanks to my sister who many years before forced me into it, but as I started to look for complimentary ways to incorporate balance in my life, I also discovered adaptogens. I first used Reishi and Lion's Mane for my sleep and focus, but when I hit rock bottom I started to experiment with more complex blends of adaptogens and mushrooms, and they helped me tremendously with my stress, anxiety and memory. With all remarkable science backing up these remedies, I was very convinced about my next step in life: To share this magic with the world.

I went on a search for the most potent mushroom formulas

After diving deep into the research on mushrooms for months, I was chocked to see so many lacking products with low potency and bioavailability. After months of searching, I started working with an experienced medical herbalist and made it my mission to create formulas that REALLY work.

The real biohack is less stress

When we experience stress, our body goes into survivial, a fight-or-flight state where the immune system shuts off and our creative thinking is on hold. Stress during longer periods, so called chronic stress, thus have detrimental effects on our body and mind. When realizing this, you understand that the real biohack is actually to stress less.